December 5, 2012

Sharing our Spoons: December

For some  crazy reason this didn't post yesterday.  Please tell me I am not the only one curious and a bit freaked out by the fact that it is December already! Am I?   So here are my December goals and a look at how I did last month.

  1. Physical: Walk, run or ride 30 miles.  I think I rocked this one.  And by think, I mean a walk around downtown, the river walk and the San Antonio missions should have put me close.  Plus a few walks throughout the month...I think I made 30 miles.  Of course I cant say for sure because I forgot to track any of it.  Bummer.  I'm going to keep this goal.  Hopefully this month I can track it all.
  2. Mental/Emotional: Get organized for the holidays!  WIN!!  I got the tree up, there are presents under it, a few more to be wrapped and I have my Christmas dinner menu almost complete.  Along with my Michael Buble CD, I'm calling this a win.  Although the CD has been in the player all year long.  Goes to show how often we listed to cds around here!  This month I am going to be cutting down on my screen time.  As well as the boys too.  We all need it.  That means no more phones/ electronics at the table.  And more time together. So if you don't see me online much...
  3. Spiritual: I have sent up so many prayers recently that I feel need to start writing them down so I can look back on them.  And its an excuse to but yet another journal :) So I completely failed this one.  Didn't get my book, said a lot of prayers but didn't write them down.  My mom asked me if we were going to Christmas Mass this year and I promised her we would.  So this is my goal for this month.  I have to keep this promise.
  4. Something fun: So the fun of November ended up just being with family and enjoying the start of the holidays.  Not one but two surprise visitors.  My nephew and my oldest brother flew in to celebrate with us.  This month, I'm putting myself out there and being getting social.  I don't get out much but this month is going to be interesting.  Tonight I have a dinner with my "treat moms"  We did dinner in May, so I know most of them now.  But when I saw a post about SA Bloggers holiday party, I bit the bullet and registered before I had time to chicken out.  Lord help me overcome my social awkwardness that comes from being stuck at home all the time.  And give me the strength to last the whole day because it sounds like its going to be amazing!
  5. BONUS: Last weekend, I went roller skating.   Its been well over 13 years since I've been on wheels.  We used to roller blade in P.E. but yeah, way back when.  So when our friends invited us to the skating rink we said we would go.  Although I was just going to let Ant skate.  When we got there, they had bought us tickets so I was glad I put the socks in my bag.  David sat out this one.  Next time, he is required to join the fun.  Which will not be wheels, but blades.  I recently won the Hill Country Holiday Giveaway from KidsStuffWorld and it includes tickets to Frost, an ice skating rink at the resort.  I cant wait to try it.  Even if I'm pretty sure I wont stay up this time!
Wishing you all an amazing and blessed December.  I hope you are all on the good list!  Be sure to stop by A New Kind of Normal and see what everyone else is up to!!


  1. I love the River walk you really can walk a lot around it, I hope you can do it all! :)
    Xo Pam
    i'm from SA too. :)

    1. Pam, Thanks for stopping by. I love the riverwalk. And we still plan to go back and walk the rest of it. I'm also secretly hoping for a horse and carriage ride ;)