November 4, 2012

Whats in the bag?

Day 4: Write about what’s in your purse every day...

I've been know to fit A LOT into my small purses.  But its been a while since I've fallen in love with big bags. The only problem is all that stuff that barely fit in my small purse seems like nothing in the big ones.  On a normal day this is what you will find in my purse.


Am I the only one that swears by Purell.  I have tried other sanitizer  but I always come back to this one.  Of course I have my wallet.  A comb.  Random cards from places I have been.  This month it is the car salesman (who never called back), the new doc I saw at the Liver Clinic and one from the Great Dane Rescue... don't ask!  There is my trusty Donate Life pen. I usually have my Aveeno hand cream that I have to have.  All that sanitizer dries my hands out like crazy.  

The blue bag is my make up bag.  I love cover girl mascara.  I have one of every one they come out with.  I think I may just love mascara in general.  Help!  A mirror and tweezers.  Cover girl lip butter.  Another love. Talk about smooth.  I wont lie though.  I'm not a fan of the color, I just love the way it makes my lips feel.  Floss.  There are a few eyeliners and my brow pencil hiding in there too.  Lord help me if I go out with out my eyebrows.  That and my mascara.  The rest can go.  Well maybe not the tweezers and mirror.  Oh what the heck, I need it all!  Some days much more than others.

I had already taken my purple notebook out but I usually always have some sort of paper pad or book in there.  I used my phone to take the pic, and that if its not in my purse, its in my bra.  I know, its a habit, shoot me.  After I took this pic, we were headed to the dog park.  There are only port a potties there, so I do have to confess that right now there is still a roll of toilet paper in there too.  What?

So that is what's in my purse.  What are you packing?  And what style of bag do you like most? Big, small, black, white?

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