November 7, 2012

The Drs way

Going to the doctors office is stressful.  If its the first time or if you are a regular, its always the same.  And you would think that they would helps us out a little and make the waiting rooms a little more relaxing and calming. I have one office I dread going to.

 I walk in and I see something like this...
I hate these little windows.  Even more when they are frosted glass and closed.  Ugh!

Take a deep breath.  It will be ok.  Turn around and see this...
Most waiting rooms have the MOST uncomfortable chairs!

So you take a seat, try to sound out the TV that is blasting some nonsense like Maury or sports.  No offence guys, just not my cup of tea.  And neither is the news.  Nothing like getting all depressed over the state of the world while you are stressed about your well being.  And for the love of the world, the magazines that most offices have are ridiculous.   One of the offices I go to has the most boring ones ever.  Do I really want to read Popular Mechanics while I wait.  Not me, anyone?  

What I really want is to walk in to an open space.  Friendly faces behind a desk like this might ease my nerves.  Even just a little
Much more welcoming, right?

Then if you are going to make me sit here for an hour after my scheduled time, they could at least get some more comfy seating.  I probably wouldn't even notice how long I have been waiting!  
Much better!

Is this pushing it because this chair looks really comfy!?

And if its not asking for to much...
My kids would love something like this to keep them busy too.

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