November 6, 2012

Sharing our spoons: November

The whole month just passed before I even knew it.  One day I was all "Happy October"  and then it was Halloween.  So I'm just going to cut my losses on that month and start fresh this month.  So now for some new goals.

  1. Physical: Walk, run or ride 30 miles.  My new doctor said everyday to walk for even just 20 minuets.  Last night David and I went on a good walk around the neighborhood and tonight, I'm going back out.  Now that it is getting lighter out earlier, I might start walking P-Dog in the mornings.  We both could use it!  
  2. Mental/Emotional: Get organized for the holidays!  This thanksgiving is going to be full of fun and a few surprises.  So much so that I am determined to get everything all set so things just kind of fall in place.  I'm working on my Thanksgiving dinner checklist and I think I might even get my Christmas decorations up early so I don't have to worry about them later...maybe.
  3. Spiritual: I have sent up so many prayers recently that I feel need to start writing them down so I can look back on them.  And its an excuse to but yet another journal :)  
  4. Something fun: I'm so excited for Thanksgiving week that I am nearly busting at the seams.  I'm going to plan one fun craft or adventure a day for the boys.  More to come on that later. 
  5. BONUS: At a loss here.  I'm sure I will manage to do something crazy and out of my comfort zone this month!  
Wishing you all blessed November.  Be sure to stop by A New Kind of Normal and see what everyone else is up to!!

Creating Holistic Goals for Living Well with Chronic Illness

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  1. Keeping a prayer journal is awesome! I need to pick that habit back up! I loved being able to look back and see how God was working! I actually have my journal that I kept in college where I was praying about my now-husband and what God wanted for our relationship! So thankful for His faithful to answers prayers :)