November 11, 2012

Four of my favorite blogs

I decided to go with a bonus prompt today.  Just felt like switching it up a little bit.  And a few posts ago I mentioned the amazing blogs that I follow and figured there is no time like now.  So here we go!

kids stuff world
When I say amazing, Stacy truly is.  I first met her in person when she came out to walk the Donate Life to walk with me. She was one of my first friends on twitter who actually talked to me.  She blogs about life and everything in it.  Kids Stuff World is the place to be. Parenting, crafts, green living, giveaways and Pinterest.  Shes is my Pinterest Fairy God Mother.  I fell in love with her blog the first time I visited.  And I bet you will too! Kids Stuff World

If you have been around here for a while, you will know what I'm talking about when I say I love Sharing Our Spoons.  Jamee over at  A New Kind of Normal started this a while back and I jumped on board.  Another of my first Twitter friends.  When I started reading her story, I was so in awe of her strength.  Endometriosis,  Parenting with a chronic illness, Fashion, Faith.   You can find it all at A New Kind of Normal.

When Marissa asked me to be a part of her 12-12-12 project.  I was THIS close to chickening out.  I almost passed out the first time we talked on Skype   It took all but 30 seconds to get over my nerves and after the first minuet it was like talking to an old friend.  The project spotlights one condition a month.  And by spotlight, I mean she completely dives in. 100%. Learning and sharing so much about each one all while dealing with a vestibular disorder.   Such a big heart this lady.  She vowed to wear her Hope for Kim bracelet everyday until I get my transplant.  Seeing it in all her pictures gives me so much hope!  Read her story and catch up with the project at Abeldis

Have I every mentioned how much a I hate cleaning?  Then I found THIS post!  Now, I could clean the bathrooms everyday....ok not really but when I do, I don't complain anymore!  All thanks to this blog.  And its not just cleaning.  There are so many homemade and DIY ideas here and recipes galore.  Who knew you could make your own chocolate sauce for chocolate milk?  Or that you could do so much with Toblerone Chocolates?  It is like hitting the jackpot.  So if you haven't already, stop by One Good Thing.


  1. AWWW! This post totally made my day! Thank you for including me on your list!!! I am so glad we found each other on twitter!

  2. Kim! You are the best. SO BLESSED that we connected. You make me smile.

    Much love,

    1. No you're the best :) I am so thankful for you! We need to catch up.

  3. Bless your sweet little heart! Last thing I will read before bed tonight and the first thing I will think of when I wake up. Love you lady!! Thank you