October 2, 2012

Sharing our Spoons: October

I think I did OK this month with my goals.  We have been getting out just about everyday.  We actually had some rain, so some days we stayed in.  As far as "YES" goes, I think I have done well.  Its been nice.  Less arguing and less fighting.  I even said yes to extra snacks they picked out at the store.  That is one yes I regret.  They loved it, but they go crazy over sweets.  They just want more and more and that is why I usually don't keep it in the house.  Whats next, Church.  Fail.  I'm not sure why I just never get there.  Probably part fear and part exhaustion.  Its been so long and its a new church.  Just another thing to face I guess. I didn't get a date night either.  BUT!  David took the day off to come to my liver clinic appointment and that was good enough for me!    And last but not at all least is the Donate Life walk.  As I posted here, I am signed up.  Team Hope is ready to roll...I mean walk!  

Going to change it up this month.  I was right in the middle last month, only half failed.  But I'm hoping this month will be better.  After all its fall and things are cooling down.  We are settled into our school routine.  And life is just good right now! Here are this months goals.

  1. Physical: Walk at least once or twice a week. Yesterday we had to walk to school because the bus didn't show.  The fact that I haven't walked in a while did show though.  Good think our team is walking the 5K.  
  2. Mental/Emotional: Get more sleep.  I have been skipping my naps and its starting to wear me down.  I'm dragging though most days.  If I'm not going to nap, I need to at least be in bed at a decent time!
  3. Spiritual: I need to spend some time alone.  To clear my head, to breathe or pray.  Lord knows I need it too!  I know all you parents know what I mean when I say some days I cant even pee without someone barging in or banging on the door.  
  4. Something fun: HALLOWEEN!  I need to find a costume!  The boys want to be zombies, but I'm sure that will change by the end of the month.  Its going to be fun though. Can't wait!!
  5. BONUS: Do something spontaneous.  I'm a planner.  A list maker.  But sometimes its fun to just let go and do something just because.  Don't know what it will be yet, but Ill be sure to share it after I figure it out!
Wishing you all an amazing October.  Be sure to stop by A New Kind of Normal and see whats new!!

Creating Holistic Goals for Living Well with Chronic Illness

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