June 26, 2012

Sharing our Spoons Week #8

“Sharing Our Spoons” will be a weekly link-up where you are able to find support and encouragement to focus on your entire health. Not just physical but all of you. For this link-up you will be able to choose holistic goals to help you achieve optimal health. The five goals include: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, Something Fun and a Bonus.

  1. Physical: Exercise at least 3 times this week.  I suppose I did this by walking to and from the inlaws but other than that I bombed this.  My week was spent cooking in a house with a broken AC.  In the middle of a scorching Texas summer.   But I need to make this routine so Im sticking with it.  And hopefully it will help put some of this stress away.
  2. Mental/Emotional:  Read.  I read 2 Janet Evanovich books.  Manhunt and Hero at Large.  Both typical Janet books.  I read each  in a day.  I decided I needed to change it up a bit so I started Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  It is about 2 women in 19th century China.  Foot binding and arranged marriages.  I love it, but have to admit, I have to put it down more because the thought of ever having to live like that makes my heart and my feet hurt.  
  3. Spiritual:  I am going  to take a highlighter to my prayer book.  I couldnt bring myself to mark in it, but I did do a whole lot of reading and praying.  I did Instagram a few of my favs, that counts for something right? 
  4. Something fun:  I think we are going to attack the "Summer List" over the next few days. Still have a lot to get though, but we did take the boys to the Movies!  They loved it, David laughed thought the whole thing and I loved watching them having such a good time.  We all also ate way to much sugar and are going to be feeling it all day today!  Hopefully we will mark a few things off this week too.
  5. BONUS: This week I have to make some phone calls.  I had to make quite a few phone calls this week.  I got to talk to one of my Aunts who I haven't talked to in forever.  I hate that I feel so disconnected with my Dads side of the family.  And the only time we ever talk is during sad times.  I still have more calls to make.  But sometimes I feel like I am always the bearer of the bad news.  Could explain why no one is picking up today.
Im going to keep them all the same for next week.  1, because my life is a wreck right now and my mind cant  even think of new goals.  And 2, because I think they are what I need to be working on right now anyways.  So here is to another week!  

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