June 18, 2012

Monday Madness

For the longest time, I loved Mondays.  It was a fresh start to a new week.  Don't get me wrong now, I LOVE the weekends, but there is no getting to the next one without getting through the week first so I've just always embraced Mondays.  Kinda hard to do when everyone is cursing the day everywhere I turned and I never understood it.

I think I have an idea now as to why.  The past few Mondays have been miserable.  I got sick last Monday and brought me to an all time low.  Today our air condition cut out and we had to drain our savings again, on something other than what we were saving up for.  Its just not fair.  I don't want to blame the day, but I to am starting to dread the evil Monday.

I'm trying to distract myself with some good music.  Seems to be working, especially when unexpectedly a the sound of the boys singing in the car is blasting over the stereo.  Their singing and random car conversations were just what I needed to remind me that sometimes you just have to laugh. Even in the middle of all the craziness.  And even though I'm smiling, deep down I feel a little guilty.  Ill save that for another post though.  

I'm still waiting on the AC guys to come back and finish installing some gadget or gizmo on the unit and then its off to the grocery store, probably with both boys, so the day can only get more exciting right!  Happy Monday guys, I hope your week has started out better than ours!  

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