May 15, 2012

Sharing Our Spoons Week #2

Sharing Our Spoons will be a weekly link-up where you are able to find support and encouragement to focus on your entire health. Not just physical but all of you. For this link-up you will be able to choose holistic goals to help you achieve optimal health. My five goals include:

  1. Physical: Walk, run or ride 3 times this week.  Might start the C25K again, made it to week 3 then I don't know what happened.
  2. Mental/Emotional:  Write it out.  I have been holding so much in the past few days its making me sick to my stomach.  Might have to write it on paper and spare y'all the drama!
  3. Spiritual:  Start a prayer journal or dedicate a spot for them in my daily writing.  Everyday I see my friends asking for prayer requests.  And I pray for them.  I want to write them down and check them off when they get answered!  And they will!
  4. Something fun:  Send out a cards.  I love getting cards in the mail and hopefully so will the people that get my cards :)
  5. BONUS: One thing to get you out of your comfort zone a week...This should be fun.  I have been running on the treadmill for so long, I think its about time. Its about time I run the streets! Of course I mean of the neighborhood.  At night, when no one can see me or early morning. I might even be able to fit it a quick swim before I have to take Anthony to school.  Sounds like a plan to me! 
Hope on over to A New Kind of Normal and see what others have planned for the week.  


  1. Great goals! I love the cards one. It's always wonderful to get non-bills/non-junk mail. Found you through Sharing Our Spoons!

    1. Exactly, Im always telling my boys if they want mail, they have to send mail. Time to take my own advice :)

  2. Love your goals! Especially the cards one! I've been wanting to get back to sending cards and letters via snail mail for awhile because who doesn't love getting fun mail versus boring grown-up mail? I think I've got something to add to my list!!

    1. I recently went to a blog get together sponsored by Its an online card store where you design the card and they mail it out for you. Nice and easy and the cards are really cute. Perfect for me!