May 20, 2012

And puppy makes 8

There is always room for more love right?  It sure seems that way.  In our family, everyone is, well, family.  For the last year we have been looking to add to that family.  And since the baby factory is shut down for now, we were wanting a baby of the 4 legged type.  Every Saturday we have been stopping by Animal Care Services and visiting the local Great Dane Rescue.

We fell in love with the very first Dane we saw.  His name was Tucker, he was fawn with cropped ears and he was HUGE!  Then there was Apollo and Bud.  By the time we were serious about adopting, we found Molly, but she turned out to be small dog aggressive and considering the 12 year old chihuahua we have, it just wasn't meant to be.  Then came Boomer.  My brother used to have a Boston terrier named the same.  One of the best dogs ever.  But he to was to rough with the little dogs.  Next up was Kerr and by the time we fell in love with him, we had had our hearts broken one to many times.  We decided that we would only foster until we found the right dog.  "Our" dog.

Poncho was suggested to us by one of the ladies at the rescue.  She said he was a love bug.  And she wasn't kidding.  Once he warmed up to us, he is so full of love.  And patient as all heck.  He is only 18 months so he is like a teenager.  I'm pretty sure he has selective hearing, he sleeps all day, poops, pees and eats.  He plays so well with Chico our chihuahua.  Let me tell you the first time I walked around the corner and saw the little ones head in the big ones mouth I about passed out.  But never any aggression and we have yet to hear him bark.

As of now he is a foster.  OK its actually more of a trial adoption.  I didn't think a week would be enough to test the waters, so they gave me two weeks.  But its only been a day and I don't know if I could ever let him go.  Yes he is big, and nosy and has horse size poops.  He is also amazing with the boys.  He is quiet and calm.  And absolutely beautiful.

He can rest his head on Alexs head when they both stand.

Lying down, he is longer than Anthony

And he has kinda just made him self at home :)

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