October 14, 2011

A week in my life: Friday

OH Fridays how I love you.  So much that I let my battery on my phone die and forget my p&s, so that I have no pictures of today.  Well I have 2.  Then again everything about today was out of the norm anyways.  See!

Dropped Ant off at school.  Early for once.
Came home and didn't go back to sleep.
David was awake at 8 even though he was working late.
We were actually out of the house by 10am!
Dropped of a movie at blockbuster and didn't get another one.
Paid the car early.
Went to McDonalds and only got the Happy Meal Anthony wanted for lunch.
David made an appearance at the school.  Hes always working!
I was surprised with a "grown up" lunch at my fav Thai place.
David offered to take me to Best Buy to check out the phones.  Yes, I am available for upgrade and he isn't.
Came home, took ONLY 10 min nap.
Picked up Anthony.
Got home, tried to take another nap, instead took trip to Academy.
Got home, tried to nap again, but was sucked in to the internet.
Forgot to eat dinner.
Took my meds on time.
Watched TV and got a foot massage!
Started cleaning out the van.
Took a break to clean up vomit
Back to finish cleaning
Watched an show online that was cut off earlier thanks to football
Back to laundry
And now I'm here, speeding though a run down of my day.  With no photos.  Well wait, I said I have 2 so here ya go.

I haven't been in Davids car in forever.  Its low  to the ground, the music is loud and the leather is cold but he is looking good driving his car.  Much more his type than the mini van.

And I did get a shot of some....LADY who was going down the wrong lane and then tried swerve in front of us.  She almost smacked right into a school bus.

I did find another photo, but its of my brother, wearing my sisters shorts and tank.  I don't think he would appreciate it very much if I shared, so i figured Id let you get a mental pictures instead....nice Jeff!

I'll be walking tomorrow morning and Ill be sure to have some sort of camera on me, so hopefully tomorrow I will have more to share!  Have a wonderful weekend!!

**This was my Friday post for A week in my life.  Stop by Adventuroo and see what else is going on!**

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