October 7, 2011

Pictures of Pumpkins Past

Its October again!  That means I am on the hunt for this years pumpkin faces.  Every year is the same thing.  I am undecided until a few mins before I start cutting.  This one or that.  Happy or sad. Funny or scary?  Painting pumpkins is SO much easier.  But the boys, ok I, love watching jack o lanters flicker.  Speaking of flickering, I was on Flickr and though I would check out all our pumpkins from the past few years.

2007 The snakey face

2008 We had Jack and the Cat


2009 3 Random faces.

2010 Yes there are 7 here and another one out of sight.

This one was my favorite

Anthony's favorite

And so that brings us to 2011. Im willing to bet $20 Alex asks for a Mickey Mouse or Angry Bird pumpkin. Who knows what Anthony will want. All I know is I need to invest in a heavy duty pumpkin carving set. I went though 3 last year! And being our first Halloween in our first house...we are going to have to go all out. Pumpkins for everyone!! What kind of faces are you carving this year? What other Halloween traditions do you have? Id love to do something different this year.

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