July 7, 2011

Photo Challenge. Week 1

My friend Jamee over at A New Kind of Normal was looking for some others to join her in a 30 day photo challenge.  But then life got in the way and I got sidetracked.  So in typical Kim fashion, Im a week behind.  I promise to do better though.  Not all these were taking on the right day, but now that Im caught up, I hope I can keep up!

So here is week 1.

1.   Self Portrait.  Or more like cheezy cell photo.  I'm horrible at taking self photos.  Promise the last one will be more creative.

2.   What you wore today.  There was no way I was taking a photo of me in a marshallese dress, so here is my ring.  David got this for me after graduation when we were in Hawaii.  Half of the black filling on the letters has fallen out but its still my most favorite ring.  Kuuipo means Sweetheart in Hawaiian.

3.   Clouds.  Not gonna lie.  I deleted the one photo I took of the clouds, so I thought Id just share an old one instead.  This is from the Wildlife Ranch.

4.   Something Green.  Enough said!

5.   From a high angle.  Chico watching the birds out back.
high angle

6.   From a low angle.

7. Fruit. The last piece in the house.

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