July 22, 2011

Day 8: A bad habit

So many bad habits rolled up in one tiny little piece of metal.  I live off this thing.  It has my appointment schedules.  My medication alarms.  A hundred random reminders.  It is also my connection to the outside world.  So there is Twitter, Facebook, Emails and texting.  I'm totally obsessed with the thing.  But I do have to admit that I am able to put it down for periods of times and not shake and sweat.  Anyways, sadly, I have passed this love down to the younger generation.  But when you are in bed cringing in pain and the boys just want to play games, its easy to toss it over and keep them occupied for a little bit.  Its my biggest regret.  Its a bad habit shared by the whole family!

Bad Habit

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  1. Bad habit, great picture!! I don't know how moms got through the day without them! It's my only connection to the outside world and without sweet friends like you, well life just wouldn't be as interesting!