June 29, 2011

Help me pick my bling!!

Ok I know I have been saying it forever, but I really need to get my new medical bracelet.  But the hard part is picking which one I want.  I do know I want something cute and not very bulky.  But I also want to make sure it is easy enough to notice that it is a medical bracelet and not just a cute piece of jewelry. I found 2 that I like so far.  One more girly that the other. Not sure if cute is very grown up of me.  But that's how I would describe these two.  There are a few that are more feminine with beads and stuff, but they are also pricier and look more like regular jewelry.  So what do you think?

Sterling Hearts Medical ID Bracelet
 Is the heart chain to "cute"?  I of course would change the heart charm to the one that says HOPE.  And I think I prefer the medial emblem to be red!

Then there is this one, which is a little more chunky.  I would pick Love, Hope and Dream as my messages.  And maybe add the awareness ribbon charm just because I think its cute!  It think this one is a little more grown up-ish....

I also have to figure out what goes on it.  I'm guessing my name on the front.  The Drs said to put Budd Chiari Syndrome on there.  As well as that I am on blood thinners.  But that leaves one line so I figured I should put the # of the liver clinic on there.  Now that I see them side by side it think I like the second better.  Might have just answered my own question.  Unless anyone has any other styles I should look at!!  Let me know!

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  1. Hi Kim! Did you know that I stalk your blog? I recently found it- and I like your second choice too. I love that you list your medicines, because I'm a pharmacy technician and I am interested in that kind of stuff! Ha!