April 6, 2011

Scrubbing, Spackle and Snakes!?!

I was worried when my throat started hurting last night, but I survived day 2 of house cleaning. I even connected the garbage disposal and changed the locks. Today was more wall scrubbing and filling random nail holes. I feel so proud. Even in the disposal leaks! Gotta remember to get some lock tight to seal that up. See I know what Im talking about! The worst part of the day, scrubbing baseboards. The highlight, installing the new door knobs and deadbolts. And I did it all right the first time.

Tomorrow, I should be able to start painting. Still have 2 rooms to scrub and clean, but Im getting there. Its so easy to lose track of time. Didn’t get home until 8. And yes, the boys went to bed late. Sue me. Ill let Anthony sleep in a little in the morning. Speaking of the kid. Tonight, he gave me a hug and told me that when we move, he promises to be nicer to his little brother. Sweet, but a little premature I think,

If I knew how to work the lawnmower, Id cut the grass. OK that’s a lie. Its spring and that means SNAKES. Already saw a dead one on the way to school yesterday. Sucker was as long as my arm. Yeah, Ill let David handle that one. Ill be standing near by with the shovel. I hate to kill any animal, but I draw my line at poisonous snakes. I do love to admire them at the zoo though! Glass enclosure = pretty snake. Backyard = dead snake! See


Headed to bed so I can get up on time and get back to the cleaning. The water should be on tomorrow so no more walking back here to pee! YAY  Hope you all are having a great week!
** House pictures coming soon**

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