January 10, 2011

Whats cooking?

One of my many goals this year is to cook at home more. Not that we eat out a whole lot, but its gotten a little to easy to say yes to fast food. David and I are trying to watch what we eat. But when you add in my low sodium, low protein diet and low Vitamin K it kind of kills it. It seems like if its low sodium its high calorie. Its frustrating trying to find things that I can eat and that my guys will eat. Well they’ll will eat just about anything, but something they enjoy too.  I let Anthony pick something out this week.  He went with ziti based on the picture.  Boys!  And Thursday is my cheat night!  What?


Baked Ziti with salad and rolls
-- The easiest way to make the sauce for the ziti would be to use canned jar sauce. But again, the sodium is quite high. So I make my own tomato sauce using canned tomatoes with no salt added. I think it comes out tasting so much fresher too :) And of course because of my blood thinners, the salad is out for me. So Ill probably have carrot sticks instead.


Chicken and Dumplings
-- This is my simple dish. Everything in one pot! Veggies, protein, dairy and a grain. Dumpling count as a grain right? And its supposed to be freezing out so this will warm everyone up!


-- Today my baby turns 2. Not sure what Ill make besides the cake. Most likely I will make some pizzas, because this boy loves peeha;)


Lumpia, chicken long rice and a veggie stir fry
-- This is my cheat day. Cant say this is healthy, because its fried. But there are a lot of vegetables so that’s a plus right. Its what I make when I miss home. The trick here is portion control. Because I could eat lumpia day and night.


Lemon Garlic Tilapia, scalloped potatoes and sweet corn.
-- This is the lighter dinner this week. I love fish. Granted its not fresh Mahi mahi that I grew up with, but it works. I am restricted on my red meat, so getting to eat more seafood is a great bonus for me.


Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin, white rice and green beans.
--The marinade for the tenderloin calls for soy sauce. I use low sodium. Still quite a bit, but cutting back slowly! Island folk love soy on their rice, but since there is already some in the marinade, I have sesame oil on my rice.


Baked chicken wings and home fries.
--  Football food :) 

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