December 30, 2010

Operation Shrink

Its that time of year again. Resolution time. I’m horrible at keeping mine. And every year it’s the same thing. Lose weight, eat healthy, be more patient. This year I am hoping to keep them all or at least work harder at keeping them as I have in the past.
Jamee over at A New Kind of Normal has been tweeting a lot about The Sisterhood & she has inspired me to join the newest challenge. Right now staying healthy is my only option. The healthier I am going in to my liver transplant the easier recovery will be. So here I go.

My 2011 Goals
  1. I will cook more foods I can eat too and worry less about trying to please everyone else.
  2. Eat out less. This includes my beloved McDonald's sweet tea! There I said it.
  3. Do some sort of exercise 3 days out of the week. At least. 
  4. Complete the Donate Life/ Vital Alliance 5K and beat my time of 1hr 12 mins.
I have to admit that I don’t have the balls to post my weight and measurements. First because, they are embarrassing and most importantly because they fluctuate so much do to my ascites and edema that they wouldn't be accurate anyways. But I have recorded them on my Spark People account. So they are out there! I’m hoping that by the end of the 8 week challenge I will be both looking and feeling much better inside and out!  I can do this!


  1. This is my first challenge w/the Sisterhood, too... glad to find another newbie! :)

    Good luck with your goals!!

  2. I'm new to the Sisterhood as well.
    You are certainly dealing with lots of health issues, and you are 100% right, hitting your goals will definitely help you during and after transplant.

  3. Welcome to the Sisterhood & I love Jamee! Your goals are great and I know you can do it!