November 11, 2009

Nothing says Texas like Snakes

Its true. When David first told me we were moving to TX the first thing that slithered though my head was Rattle Snakes. I am deathly afraid of them, yet so fascinated by them.

Here are some of my buddies from the San Antonio Zoo. If your ever in town, you really should check it out. The boys love the tot lot. Ok well the baby could probably care less, but he will learn to love it. I couldn't point out one animal in particular that Ant likes. He loves bears, and flamingos, and giraffes. Oh and you cant forget the goats. He loves to feed the goats. But for me, its always been the snakes. Its cold and dark and even though I have goose bumps the whole time, I never go to the zoo with out stopping in the snake house :)

And a few others

green mamba

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  1. Those are great pictures...that green snake is particularly beautiful, in a weird way.

    Thanks for sharing your link!